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Screen Printing for Enamel Pin

Screen printing refers to the use of screen as a plate base, and through photosensitive platemaking method, produced with graphic screen.
Stencil printing, the simplest form of lithographic printing, began in the late 19th century.
This type of printing is done on special waxed paper, with typewriters or iron pens. The printing is done with an ink roller on the waxed paper, and the desired printing effect is achieved on the substrate.
Screen printing is the most widely used in hole printing.
Screen printing is the silk fabric, synthetic fabric or wire mesh stretched on the screen frame, using hand - cut paint film or photochemical plate-making method of screen printing plate.
Modern screen printing technology, is to use photographic materials produced by the method of photographic plate making screen plate (make the silk screen printing on the graphic part of the screen hole to hole, rather than the graphic part of the screen hole is plugged) oil paintings, prints, posters, business CARDS, book covers, product packaging, product tags, printing and dyeing textile, glass and metal plane carrier, etc.